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Archt One Speaker

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What is Archt One?

Archt is a startup founded in Singapore with the aim of bringing art and architecture to superior home audio products.
The Archt One speaker is their debut and flagship product. It was born from the physics of acoustic engineering. Our design team transformed it into a refined piece of art.


Its 360º sound propagation is created by facing a full-range driver and a subwoofer, and placing a patented sound array between the two. A passive radiator is placed at the bottom of the device. The uncompromised sound quality is supported by an ample air cavity in the middle of the tower.


User Experience

The Archt One can be set up in under a minute, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or AUX.
While the design of the Sound Array directs music multi-directionally, its top surface discretely embeds basic capacitive touch controls (play/pause, volume +/-, input). The device can also be controlled via the Archt One app for the user's convenience.
It supports multi-room pairing via Airplay for a seamless home experience.



The Archt One is an imposing yet elegant sculpture that conveys power, stability, and the beauty of science. Its unique proportions are 100% based on acoustic design and the 360º sound dispersion. Its details are discrete, yet functional and intuitive. The capacitive touch Sound Array (silver disk at the top) removes distracting buttons, dials and split lines. In terms of colors, we kept the body monochromatic and made the patented Sound array stand out by applying a chrome finish to it. The silhouette of the speaker is so distinctive that we decided to display the brand logo in a discrete fashion.


What Nonfiction Did

Nonfiction's role was to create and refine the geometry, details and CMF of the speaker based on aesthetics, cost limitations and manufacturing constraints. We also created the logo and branding guidelines for Archt and One, which are applied to packaging, print, web and other digital materials.
The value of our work lies in the refinement of the aesthetics of the speaker, making it suitable for Asia, North American and European markets. The branding work has brought consistency and level of sophistication that is appropriate with the look and feel of the brand as well as the price point of this flagship speaker and upcoming products.

Where It Is Now

The Archt One was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now available on Amazon.
Archt is expanding their product offering to smaller devices, preserving the integrity of sound quality and distinctively quiet aesthetics established with the One speaker.