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Edwin the Duck


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Who is Edwin?

Edwin is today's version of the beloved classic rubber ducky. He integrates technology useful to parents and delightful to kids of all ages. Edwin is an app-controlled educational toy that bridges the physical and digital worlds. His waterproof silicone body features a speaker, microphone, temperature sensor, accelerometer and colored LED lights. Once he runs out of power, Edwin can safely be revived via inductive charging on his nest.
Oh, and he floats!

The Design

Edwin was created to inspire comfort and cuteness. His bright eyes are witty and show that there is more to him than just a bath toy. The soft and easy-to-clean silicone part wraps the hard shell that contains all the electronics. Careful weight distribution management has been applied to ensure that all the features are in the right place and that he would still float in the water. An extra thin membrane covers the speaker so decent sound can move outward. The eyes and bill are co-molded silicone parts to make sure the color does not fade over time and that the eyes remain attached to the head to prevent choking hazard.


Edwin for Parents

As new parents, a little help from a smart companion is always welcomed. One product that plays lullabies, shines a night light and warns you if the bath water temperature is too hot equals less clutter in the house. Edwin is designed to be safe for all kids thanks to his large size, lack of moving parts, overall softness, electric safety when wet and cable-free charging.

Edwin for Kids

Because Edwin is a safe and appropriate toy from age zero up, the kids get to grow up with him and associates him with fun and comfort. By using the app, kids can play songs, shine lights and listen to bedtime stories. Learning is fun with interactive games that invite kids to shake or tap Edwin while following instructions on the screen. When the app is not being used, Edwin can still be played with like a classic rubber ducky.


What Nonfiction Did

Nonfiction has been involved with Edwin the Duck since its conception. We designed Edwin, his nest, branding, packaging and the initial UI/UX of the mobile apps. We worked closely with the internal engineering team and manufacturers to ensure the design intent was intact through tooling and production, all the way to retail. Along the way we created assets for a Kickstarter campaign and an investor's deck. We worked closely with an external UX/UI team to execute prototypes that lead to the final app.

Where it is Now

Edwin is available in Apple Stores. The app comes with some games and songs. The possibilities of entertainment and learning are endless thanks to regular content updates and in-app purchases.