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Eternal Luxe's Leather Goods


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What is Eternal Luxe?

Eternal Luxe, from Lux Aeterna, lat. "Eternal Light", is a San Francisco-based luxury goods company that aims to marry traditional crafts with contemporary designs. Establishing itself first with leather goods, Eternal Luxe's mission is to bring unisex fashion accessories made locally using techniques that have been tested for centuries.

Training & Technique

Phnam Bagley, partner and creative director at Nonfiction, received formal training in traditional leather crafting under Béatrice Amblard, formerly of Hermès. The skills passed down include pattern making and construction, saddle-style hand stitching, 8-step leather edge finishing, industrial machine stitching, skiving and splitting. All Eternal Luxe artisans have received the same training.



Eternal Luxe imports the finest quality of leathers, binders (cement, thread), finishing products (beeswax, dyes) and tools (hand tools and machinery) to create truly luxurious products. Leathers are 100% cow hides. Eternal Luxe does not partake in the use of exotic skins for ethical reasons.


Contemporary architecture inspires the look of Eternal Luxe's designs: structural, minimalistic, genderless, timeless, with distinctive proportions. Designs have been stripped from all superfluous details, like overt hardware, branding and unessential elements.
The style influence stems from effortless Parisian chic and American fearlessness.
Designs focus primarily on the beauty of the material and the precision of the assembly. Colors and finishes are classic while the way they are put together is unexpected.


What Nonfiction Did

Nonfiction is responsible for the branding, design, sourcing, prototyping, production, photography, marketing and e-commerce web design of Eternal Luxe.

Where It Is Now

All Eternal Luxe products are available on their website
After producing two full collections of leather goods and occasional collaborations with local creatives, the brand is expanding to home decor products and jewelry.