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Audio for the modern Nomad.


Felt Audio's Portable Speaker and Retractable Earbuds



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What is Felt Audio?

Felt Audio is a California-based startup focused on personal audio solutions for a mobile lifestyle. Its users are young, fashionable and active.

Small & Mighty

The compact nature and wearable functionality of the Nomad speaker and Rewind retractable earbuds speak directly to mobile lifestyles.


Problems & Solutions

Rewind was created from the frustration of having to deal with tangled earbud cables. We engineered a flat wire retractable cable system that stowed cables in a compact and easily managed case.

Nomad is the convergence of growing audio trend and wearable technology. It set a new standard for performance audio in an ultra-compact size with dual speaker drivers and onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processor) tuned specifically to its sound chamber.


What did Nonfiction do?

Nonfiction was engauged in every step that brought the Felt Audio to market, including: industrial design, engineering, sourcing,  product development, branding, packaging, POP display, web design and marketing. The design and mechanical innovations created by Nonfiction are now protected by 13 US and international patents.

Where is it now

Felt Audio products gained traction in the competitive consumer electronics space and are sold through Best Buy, Staples, AT&T and more.