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Mardis Bagley: Public Speaking Engagements

Mardis is a true entertainer with a stage presence that is both energetic and inviting. With his warm and approachable style, Mardis transforms complex ideas into understandable visions of a better world. He has worked with some of the most innovative brands and has enjoyed a long history of bringing transformational hardware products to market. He speaks and writes on the subject of future thinking, circular design & sustainability, empathetic healthcare design, and cutting-edge technologies aimed to make the world a better place.

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Mardis Bagley speaking about transformative design while on stage.


March 2023
SXSW: Featured Speaker
"Designing Between Earth and Space"

November 2022
Zero Waste Conference - Plenary
"Designing for Zero Waste"

November 2022
Frontier Materials Conference - Barcelona
"Designing Between Earth and Space"

March 2022
SXSW: Design Program
"Designing the Future of Everything"

December 2021
University of Houston iDesign Keynote
"Design for Tomorrow"

November 2021
Frontier Materials Conference - Barcelona
"Frontier Materials + AI + Future + Cities"

September 2021
Material Connection
"Design for Disassembly"

April 2021
Otis College of Art and Design
“Practicing Industrial Design”

April 2021
Material Connexion
"Sustainable Materials for a Better Future"

April 2021
Advanced Design / Offsite Sessions
“The Business of Design”

February 2021
UC Berkeley Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation:
Design Field Notes
“From Science Fiction to Reality”

October 2020
CoMotion University of Washington
"Sustainability in Hardware: How and Why"

March 2019
Northwestern University
“What is Industrial Design?”

January 2019
AIAS Conference
"Industrial Design for Architects"
January 2018
AIAS Conference
“A Career in Industrial Design”March 2022


April 2022
Converge Podcast
"Nonfiction Dreams: Science Fiction into Reality"

Panels & Workshops.

September 2021
UC Berkeley/UCSF: Master of Translational Medicine
“Storytelling & Good Design”

September 2020
UC Berkeley/UCSF: Master of Translational Medicine
“Storytelling & Good Design”