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We relieve women from menopause symptoms.

Amira Health

We help people sleep with neuroscience.


We feed astronauts on their way to Mars.


We make technology an extension of the body.

Human Inc.

We turn humans into superhumans.

Halo Neuroscience

We imagine renewable smart cities.

Nashville, TN

We make living in space more human.

Color on the Moon

We help people control their bodies again.

Cala Health

The School of Lifelong Learning


We marry luxury with technology.

Intel x Emirates

We make design education accessible to all.

Future Future

We define the future of commercial flight.

Volo Airlines

We dream of labs in microgravity.

ISS National Lab x WDO

Nonfiction Material Library

Material Connexion Partnership

We make homes less toxic.


We make pet life smarter and safer.


We craft exquisite handmade leather goods.

Eternal Luxe x Divka