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Phnam Bagley: Public Speaking Engagements

Phnam is an engaging speaker who lights up the room with her personality, broad reach of professional expertise and rich life experiences.
She speaks internationally on the subject of Design for a Better Future. Her areas of expertise include future thinking, design, space exploration, education, sustainability, empathetic healthcare, and cutting-edge technologies aimed to make the world a better place.

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Phnam Bagley speaking about design for a better future at Border Session Japan.


June 2021
Biotech Planet
“Design, Experience and Branding in Biotech”

May 2021
Audio Engineering Society / APEI Webinar Series
“Industrial Design for the Audio Industry”

April 2021
Otis College of Art and Design
“Practicing Industrial Design”

April 2021
Making Space More Human

April 2021
Advanced Design / Offsite Sessions
“Philosophy of Design”

March 2021
Industrial Designers Society of America / SF Chapter
“Sustainability at Nonfiction”

March 2021
École d’Architecture de Paris Val de Seine
“Le Futur du Spatial est Humain” (French)

February 2021
Space4Women Show: Space Architecture and Design
Making Space more Human

February 2021
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
“The Business of Design”

February 2021
UC Berkeley Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation: Design Field Notes
“From Science Fiction to Reality”

October 2020
Advanced Design / Offsite Session
“The Business of Design”

October 2020
Future of Education Conference
“Designing Educational Systems”

September 2020
CoMotion University of Washington
Good Design. Bad Design

September 2020
Hive / Port Harcourt, Nigeria
“Post-COVID Capacity Building”

July 2020
Advanced Design / Lens
Design for a Better Future

June 2020
Founder Institute / Mentor Sessions SV, London, Palestine, Indonesia
“Branding and Design”

June 2020
Transtech / Paris Chapter
Calming Wearables

December 2019
Hive: Masterclass
Designing for a Better Future

November 2019
Transtech Conference
“Design for a Better Future”

October 2019
Border Sessions Japan
“Design for a Better Future”

October 2019
Women in 3D Printing
“Ergonomic Beauty”

August 2019
Hive Global Leadership Summit
“Designing a Better Future”

July 2019
Transtech Academy
Designing Transformational Technologies

April 2019
VO Art / China University Tour: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Chengdu
“Industrial Design in the USA”

March 2019
Northwestern University
“What is Industrial Design?”

January 2019
AIAS Conference
Industrial Design as a Life Opportunity

January 2018
AIAS Conference
“A Career in Industrial Design”

Mentoring & Advising.

Fast Company Executive Board Member
Leadership and innovative contributions that spark innovation and bring world-changing ideas to life.

2020 Positive Fibers Board Advisor
Fully compostable high fashion.

2021 J Squared Innovations
Hardware innovation for inner city safety and behavior change.

2021 Sanicle by Padbanque Board Advisor
Period education and community supporting teenage girls and dads.

2019 Smart Kaya Board Advisor
Afrocentric powered smart devices promoting culture, language preservation and education.

Panels & Workshops.

May 2021
CHI 2021 / SpaceCHI workshop
“Making Space More Human”

March 2021
United Nations CSW65
Empowering Women and Girls for Gender Equality

March 2021
Thought Experiments with Nonfiction
The Future of Happiness on Mars

September 2020
UC Berkeley/UCSF: Master of Translational Medicine
“Storytelling & Good Design”

March 2020
EmotionAI Conference
Quantified Self


March 2021
Build The Future Podcast
Space Architecture & Design

February 2021
Being an Engineer Podcast
Knowing nothing can make you more creative

October 2020
Next Wave Leadership Podcast
On building a world that doesn’t exist yet

October 2020
Nomads, the HCI Podcast
Union of creativity, logic and design for the future

October 2020
Leadership Activators Podcast
Daring to design for a better future

August 2020
Integral Podcast
Design for a better future

July 2020
Design Wanted
Design for and from the future