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Post-COVID Airline Cabin

Rethinking the future of commercial flight.

Volo Airlines
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It's not just about the journey.

Volo is Nonfiction's vision of the future of airline travel. It merges the passengers' desire for a more beautiful and comfortable flight experience while addressing public health concerns. Volo creates a curated experience for each passenger, whether they sit in coach, business, or first-class.

The design exercise is about elevating the physical and emotional experiences of each passenger. By optimizing space, integrating tasteful color palettes, materials, and technologies, our aim is to reinstate pleasure in flight. Bringing in nature with the use of wood and green walls creates a spa-like experience that lowers heart rates, purifies the air, and elevates the standards of First Class.

We integrated a multisensory experience into each pod. This includes intelligent lighting for relaxation, vibroacoustic seating to support pain and stress relief over long-haul flights, and individual climate control. Each configuration has a partition for privacy, comfort, and managed air quality.

The bathroom and infrared sauna are truly luxurious experiences, featuring computationally designed teak wall fixtures, copper details, and rich terrazzo cladding. As international flights get longer, the needs of the passengers change. We've created a recharge zone that exceeds the expectations of a First Class experience.

Volo's Business Class is designed for privacy, focus, and convenience. Each space transforms from relaxation to work mode by the swivel of the chair. Smart technologies like wide-screen TV/monitor, charging surfaces, convenient accessories, concierge services are available to each passenger. The vibrant colors and finishes align with the modern business traveler, who prioritizes comfort over stodgy business attire.

No business travel is complete without a proper drink. The bar space is designed to facilitate networking and a relaxed environment. The design is reminiscent of space-age aesthetics, with a convivial experience crafted by an expert mixologist.

Quiet booths are integrated in the space to give the opportunity to passengers to attend confidential meetings during flights. As WiFi and cellular technologies develop, running a meeting from the sky should be easily accessible.

More than ever, in the post-COVID world, people will think twice before sitting in a public airline. We have access to technologies that can almost guarantee a sanitary environment. For example, UVC light blasts throughout the airline cabin can kill most viruses. We can also use antimicrobial materials that prevent the collection and spread of harmful germs. Depending on the wavelength of UVC used, the blast might be applied between flights when the cabin is empty.

Peace of Mind starts with first impressions. Does it feel like you are packed in there like cattle, or are there design details put in place to make me feel comfortable. Are the colors drab and corporate or calming and joyful? This “wave” configuration is designed with the idea of a coach cabin without any bad seats. You are all times only one seat from an aisle. A narrow central aisle gives the opportunity for passengers to stand and move around without disturbance, or being limited by the food cart. Instead of packing a maximum number of seats in one-third of the available space in a wide-body airplane, we propose a lounge area on longer flights where people can stand, stretch, and experience different sitting positions.

Rather than white, dated airline walls we can use technologies like flexible OLED screens, or projections to create an impression that the cabin is larger than it really is. We can craft an experience that is welcoming, visually stimulating and flattering to the skin tone. Because this content is digital, it can be changed to align with the destination, alleviate jet lag effects and circadian rhythms, or alter mood of the passengers. Your headrest can be transformed into screens that can support entertainment projections and augmented reality interactions.

Sleeping pods are available in the back of the cabin on long haul flights. The material and lighting design is optimized for quick naps to restore mind and body. The beds can be reserved from your seat and are time-optimized so that several passengers can take advantage of this luxurious and refreshing experience. Sleep sensors inside the bed inform the user when to gently wake up without a feeling of interruption.

Self serve drink carts run along a ceiling track quickly and quietly quenching thirsts whenever needed. The smiling anthropomorphic user interface is playful and engaging. Drink carts are designed with a telescoping armature that conveniently moves up and out of the way when passengers want to pass.

Easy access to water for drinking and hand sanitization is the new norm. No need to hoard an entire restroom just to wash your hands. This gives more time to flight attendants to focus on essential services.