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Human Headphones

A brand new way to experience sound on the go.

Human Inc.
Making consumer electronics more natural.

A project designed in collaboration with the Human Inc. team. The Human Headphones are a blend of revolutionary user experience, superior aesthetics and physics-defying engineering. An ode to natural design, the headphones were born of a perfect balance of face-flattering geometry, familiar river rock hand feel and the elimination of all superfluous details. Buy your pair at

No buttons to turn on and off, control the volume or skip to the next song. Every interaction is intuitively supported by capacitive touch, hall effect technology and smartly positioned magnets.

How does it stay in place? A cleverly designed hinge system clips the Human Headphones to the ears. It was created to be stable enough to do a handstand, but gentle enough for day-long wear. A giant feat if you think of how different all human ears are.

More than 700 3D prints were required to refine the ergonomics of the Human Headphones. This process was supplemented by a rigorous naming convention protocol, obsessive user testing, micro-adjustments of geometry using 3D CAD tools, weight balance, magnet strength, part tolerances and more. Comfort, easy donning, stability and optimized driver and mic positions have been considered to create the optimum music experience.

Connect the two halves magnetically to turn off the headphones or create a portable speaker, ideal for conference calls on-the-go.

Big hair, don't care. Human is the reinvention of mobile music where high tech, intuitive user interface, fashion and superior comfort merged to create a never-seen-before experience.

The touch-control system transcends other touch technologies by taking advantage of the device's outer real estate. Using natural human motion, listeners can execute multiple playback controls - including volume adjustment, pause, play, skip a track, replaying a track, accept/deny call, and additional feature controls.
The design provides space to house our advanced hardware and support our superior software, while still being unobtrusive and securely attached to the listener's head.