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Trio: Electricity as Medicine

Bringing dignity and freedom to people suffering from essential tremors.

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Claim your independence again with no-fuss healthcare at home.

The Trio wearable is designed to support people with Essential Tremors (ET) in their everyday life. ET manifests as a mild to severe tremors of the hands, arms or head, which can be difficult to keep quiet in everyday life. While in public, increased levels of anxiety may amplify the tremors to the point where sufferers experience shame and discomfort. ET sufferers may have tried medication or implants with little to no success, so Trio is here to be the wearable solution that calms down the tremors so patients can get their lives back into their hands again.
Through targeted electro-stimulation, they can regain the freedom to type on a computer or smartphone, write on a birthday card, hold a cup of coffee and do many other tasks that require fine motor skills.

Patients deserve more than a solution that works. They need a personalized solution that targets the source of their tremor and discretely brings back a sense of normal to their lives. Trio is the first FDA approved, wrist-worn essential tremors therapy device that is calibrated and prescribed specifically to the patient's condition. The discrete, yet familiar form factor is easy to use and contributes to the success of the Trio therapeutic wearable. Typical watch bands are very difficult to close when targeting is a challenge, so we design a pre-looped velcro-ed disposable band that any ET patient can confidently place on their wrist every day. The correct alignment of the three electrodes happens thanks to ergonomic design and the natural placement of the stimulator on top of the wrist.

Docking the Trio for charging was a key interaction. Through extensive user studies, we discovered that aligning charging contacts was a challenge for users. Through an empathetic and iterative design approach, we carefully modeled a base that funneled the wristband into the docking position. The addition of magnets guaranteed good contact every time.

Nested cable management allows users to easily travel with Trio anywhere without having to worry about lost cables.

Making a safe, intuitive and easy-to-use electrical connection between the stimulator and disposable bands required many rounds of user testing. Secure snaps gave patients the confidence to use the Trio system without having to read instructions or ask for assistance.

Every aspect of the user journey was considered with the patient in mind. Even if the patient does not have access to a care taker, they will still be able to open the box, connect parts, replace parts, charge every day without any assistance.