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Wireless Charging Station

Bringing the future to a luxury space.

Intel x Emirates
wireless charging
Consumer electronics as furniture: architectural, elegant and discrete.

Wireless charging technology from Intel, designed for Emirates First Class Lounges. Designed to integrate into an environment rich in unique materials and textures. This collection of charging products was envisioned like furniture design: quiet when not needed, wonderfully present while charging your electronics.

Thermodynamic requirements provided the perfect opportunity for an elegant design of ventilation ports.

A thorough exploration of the user experience led to a design solution that blends in at a distance, yet is richly detailed upon closer inspection. This integrates flawlessly into the first class lounges. Metal paint, translucency and a beautiful play on geometry and shadows support the form and function.

By varying the color, material and finish (CMF), the wireless chargers can be targeted to a specific brand or industry. Wireless power receiving components are packed in the cases without impeding on the smartphone's camera, sound quality, button and port access.

No need to plug your 15-inch laptop while working. Simply place it on top of the transmitter to charge continually.

Depth in material was created by covering the inner walls of the acrylic part with washed gold paint and finish the outer surface with a cloudy texture.

A small, discrete wireless charger for your phone.


The wireless charging devices are designed to fit inconspicuously in the Emirates First First Class Lounges all over the world.